Learning is a life long journey, assisting you in better understanding and appreciating the world and people around you. From a business perspective, you become more productive, bringing new unique ideas and concepts to your organization, allowing them to gain even greater economies of scale as they try to enter new markets with new products and services, or reduce ongoing costs.

As an employee, your value to the organization grows as your education increases. In the end it’s a “WIN-WIN” for both you and the organization.

So what do the best professional athletes have in common with your employees?

Training … That’s right. Even those we often label as ‘the best’ can always improve. Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player ever, yet he professed in a Nike commercial that he had ‘failed over and over again’ in his life … and that is why he succeeds.

Failures, mistakes, and missed opportunities are a fact of life, but they don’t mean you can’t do something … they just mean you need to work harder, learn more, and continue to practice. And in order to practice most effectively you need to have the right coaches and training.

Your Employees as Team Members

The best thing you can do is think of your employees as team members. Team members work for a common goal (the company goal). They deserve the have access to the right information and mentoring and that’s where SBS’s team of experienced Trainers and Facilitators will help.

SBS works with companies from around the world to develop a training program that capitalizes on the skills and expertise of their team members. We can also deliver the content you create in the most effective way possible.

Making an impact is the most important aspect of training in the beginning. Engaging the audience is tantamount to success; if you don’t engage, you fail as a trainer.

Marc Salerno has been training experienced professionals –from entry level to executive management- for more than 30 years. He has traveled the globe offering these services to some of the biggest names in the world, including SONY and iS3.com, large and small organizations.

All Group Sizes

SBS is capable of training groups of 500 or even more and as few as 4. We are a 9-year certified Global Delivery Facilitator for ESI International, a Washington, DC-based global training firm. We are certified to deliver 5 of their most popular Business Skills courses:

·      Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

o   http://www.esi-intl.com/courses-and-certifications/courses/business-skil...

·      Establishing a Business Mindset

o   http://www.esi-intl.com/courses-and-certifications/courses/business-skil...

·      Budget & Financial Management

o   http://www.esi-intl.com/courses-and-certifications/courses/business-skil...

·      High-Impact Communication

o   http://www.esi-intl.com/courses-and-certifications/courses/business-skil...

·      Taking Charge of Organizational Change

o   http://www.esi-intl.com/courses-and-certifications/courses/business-skil...

Marc Salerno is also a certified Adjunct Professor at DeVry University and Keller Graduate Management School, having taught Undergraduate and Graduate courses for:

·      Business Technology

·      Marketing Management

·      Project Management

He was also the National Training Manager, Southeast Regional Sales & Training Manager, and Video Marketing & Training Manager for Sony Corporation of America.

When You Hire SBS Consulting, You Hire the Best

It’s necessary to have the best team members working for you, but it also requires the best coaches. Even the most skilled professional teams in the world (at least on paper) fail to win a championship year after year after year … then they hire a new coach, the right coach and suddenly they’re hoisting the coveted trophy.

What’s your trophy?

Increased sales?

Being number 1 in your market?

Growing the company by 10, 20, or even 50% in 5 years?

No matter what goals you have, what priorities you’ve established and set for your company, the best coaches will move your team members closer to reaching them than if they were left to fend for themselves.

Coaching is a personal journey, a mentoring of skills, a bridging of personalities, and helping each team member accept one another and focus on the primary organizational goals.

See what others have said about SBS coaching in the past:

“It was evident that Marc was a master of the subject matter and kept engaged the class continuously.”

“I think Marc had an excellent teaching style; he communicated well, had excellent stage presence, presented the information well, and was excellent at encouraging participation.”

“Mr. Salerno was very engaging and kept the class actively participating throughout the three day course.”

Let your employees experience the same passion, drive, and exceptionalism through the best coach around. New course design, onsite training, LMS design, virtual training, or a combination of the two are available to meet your organization’s needs.