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Dennis Norden, Global Vice President Singing Machine

"I’ve known and worked with Marc over the past decade. In our early work together, he was critical to assessing our needs then quickly developing a cost effective marketing, training and sales expansion plan for our global distribution channels. Our subsequent results exceeded expectations. Marc is the consummate professional, detail-oriented and focused on consistently exceeding client results."

David Nilson, CTO, Supra Telecommunications

“Working with Marc was a dream because he understood the engineering issues limitations and terminoligy, budgets, and finance as much as he did demographics, media and markets. But beyond the ability to communicate, I appreciated the honesty, and common sense approach inherent in his approach. At Strategic Planning sessions we were able to adress the seeminly insurmountable challenges before us as a unified team becuase of the communication and honesty, and on occasion, laughter.”

Supra Telecommunications David Nilson, CTO
Sergio Aguirre, CEO, Vidstone

“Marc provides years of leadership and skill building to anyone he meets. He is one of the most personable people you will ever meet, with a eye for business and visionary demeanor. Marc was born to lead an organization through good times and getting them out of the bad.”

Vidstone Sergio Aguirre, CEO
Jim Baumhart, MCI

“Marc is a proven telecommunication executive with a vast experience in marketing and sales. Marc stays abreast of all new technology in telecommunications and would be an asset to any company whether working directly for them or hiring his company to assist them with special marketing projects. He has the experience and skill set to develop business plans from inception to closure.”

MCI Jim Baumhart
Joe Songer, CFO, Supra Telecommunications

“Marc performs high level industry research and is able to foucs on the 3 or 4 key points of a particular business. He has great experience and abilities setting up marketing plans, promotions and new product development. As CFO, I noticed Marc has a tremendous understanding of budgets, forecasts and the value of a dollar. Marc shows leadership in managing people and processes at a high level.”

Supra Telecommunications Joe Songer, CFO
Dean Brett A. Gordon, Ph.D, DeVry University

“Marc is a detailed oriented person whom I hired as an adjunct faculty member in my capacity as Dean of Academic Affairs. His knowledge of the subject and his willingness to work with the students assigned to his class allowed Marc to be a favored instructor among those enrolled in the Business program. I highly recommend him for positions that require specific subject matter knowledge and working closely with diverse groups.”

DeVry University Dean Brett A. Gordon, Ph.D
Kevin D. Turner, SONY

“I worked with Marc for several years during the highly successful grass roots promotions of SONY 8mm products. He’s very creative, organized, tenacious and fun to work with, and I highly recommend him.”

SONY Kevin D. Turner
Christopher Malter, CEO, IMC

“The SBS Public Messaging Strategy platform delivers a true, comprehensive corporate PR solution in a market where very few intimately understand the nuances of cost effective media representation and communications.”

IMC Christopher Malter, CEO
Elena Fedorchuk, CEO, 24Digital Productions

“Marc and the SBS team were great to work with and we’re excited about working together again in the future.”

24Digital Productions Elena Fedorchuk, CEO
Rick Nealis, SONY

“Marc is well versed in tactical and strategic planning and implementation. He has extremely effective presentation skills and the ability to negotiate win/win solutions. Having worked with Marc in the consumer sales group he consistently preformed at a high level achieving all targets in sales and dealer expansion. Marc provided the company with many creative ideas and direction on new product promotional campaigns.”

SONY Rick Nealis
Orlando Brown, LG Electronics

“SBS intuitively understands the latest e-global consumer buying trends...closely monitoring the needs of an insatiable marketplace, desperate to attain the latest handheld technology, applications and services.”

LG Electronics Orlando Brown
Mike Novelli, Telecomputing

“Marc is a rarity in the business world. He is as personable in a social setting as he is knowledgeable about the high-tech industry. He’s a true scholar when it comes to technology.”

Telecomputing Mike Novelli
Conrad Peditto, Liberty Home Lending

“At Liberty Home Lending in Boca Raton, Marc was instrumental in lauching Liberty into various –e-Marketing campaigns as well as being the lead advisor in our Website and Advertising endeavors. Marc consistently demostrated outstanding expertise with innovative advertising strategies!”

Liberty Home Lending Conrad Peditto
Chaz Fitzhugh, SONY

“As a Marketing Specialist, Marc was INCREDIBLY creative--coming up with new, actionable marketing ideas seeminly every week. His success as well as enthusiasm led to him not only being named as one of the top specialists, but also led to his being quickly promoted within Sony.”

SONY Chaz Fitzhugh
Veronica Larrea,

“Marc is a great leader and a really good judge of character. He is highly respected for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He has been instrumental in helping institute new company-wide cost saving procedures. He is very well organized, easily reachable, and always on time. Marc was instrumental in our global product launch of STOPzilla AVM 2013." Veronica Larrea
Les Giddings, ANEW Broadband

“My greatest privilege was working for Marc; he exemplifies what a real human being should be. He is a pillar of professionalism and leadership; these qualities allow him to engage any size group delivering solid, measurable results.”

ANEW Broadband - Les Giddings