1996: SBS is Established By 3 Founders

(Marc A. Salerno- Hi Tech Entrepreneur, Alec W. Salerno- Member: Institute For Defense Analysis- Alexandria Va., and Orlando W. Brown-SONY Executive).

1996: Establishment of SBS “Network Affiliates” Program.

The SBS Mission Plan is to develop a global network of certified technology-based consulting professionals with individual expertise in a wide variety of technology-based industries including Telecommunications, IT/Infrastructure, Internet/E-commerce, Computer, and Consumer Electronics.

SBS Technology Industry Overview

Most technology-based Startups as well as FORTUNE 1000 organizations today focus on the engineering and technical development of new market based technologies. Unfortunately, most of these organizations lack the required multi-disciplined sales, marketing, distribution channel, PR and business development expertise to cost effectively introduce these hi-tech products and services to market in a rapid and cost effective fashion.

The SBS “UVA”, or Unique Value Add

Most organizations see significant value added savings and reduced new market entrance costs via the qualified Outsourcing of previously unconsidered core management functions including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Business Development. Utilizing certified industry experts, SBS offers project management teams who assist with the cost effective and rapid market introduction of many specialized hi-tech products and services.


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1997: Establishment of the SBS Advisory Council.

The Council is comprised of accomplished industry executives and academicians whose primary charter is the ongoing Review, Reporting, and Recommendation of new and converging technologies for the SBS client base. Each member is required to submit a confidential white paper on a technology he or she feels will be a dominant market catalyst over the next 3-5 years. Some topics recently submitted have included:

  • 1997: Internet Based Voice and Data Convergence
  • 1998: Telecom Carrier Hotels
  • 1999: Software As A Service Model (ASP)
  • 2000: DSL Broadband To The Home
  • 2001: Nanotechnology-The Next Quantum Leap
  • 2002: Global Technology Funding Trends- An Economic Impact Model

As a recognized global Telecom industry participant, CEO Salerno is invited to address the IIR International Telecom Distribution Channel Conference, London UK (9-13/16, 1999).


SBS Accepts client engagement with Cable and Wireless Jamaica. SBS assists senior management with the transition from a Telecom monopoly to a deregulated voice and data provider.


Marc A. Salerno accepts his induction to The Council Of Advisors, an open network of Industry Professionals, Scientists, and Consultants who confer with Venture Capitalists and portfolio managers such as Fidelity, JP Morgan, Salomon Smith Barney, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and Merrill Lynch. The Council was founded to connect qualified investment professionals one-on-one to the scientists, engineers, and physicians who are developing and using the products and services of tomorrow.


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SBS premieres its updated Corporate Web Prescience, announces Strategic Industry Alliances (IMC Joint Venture) and new Advisory Council Inductees.