What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate

Those words are forever linked with the Paul Newman film Cool Hand Luke. The next line uttered by the warden during his monologue was: some men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had here last week.

He’s talking about a failure in leadership, essentially. When the leader or head of any organization –be it a prison, company, non-profit, government agency, or any other- doesn’t communicate effectively and efficiently with his team, the risk of failure increases.

It’s the same when attracting clients, consumers, partners, investors, or anyone else of interest to the organization’s goals. Telecommunications is a cornerstone of strong business acumen and success.

The Many Modes of Communication

From the old days of copper twisted POTS pairs to ISDN, DSL, VoIP, and Wireless & Computer Telephony … Moore was right when it comes to the pace of business, but how do you stay ahead of this continually changing technology curve? When you stop to think about it, you begin to realize just how many forms and types of communication there are in life … there’s verbal and non-verbal and then there’s phone, video conferencing, emails, webinars, podcasts, etc. There are more ways to communicate today so you could actually reach every single person connected to the Internet in seconds! It’s phenomenal.

But it all has to begin with the proper telecommunication structure. Choosing the wrong telecommunication setup or delivery features means that you could spend more money and time reaching fewer people and making a less significant impact on them.

SBS Consulting Brings a Wealth of Experience to Your Telecommunication Needs

Reaching out and obtaining new customers is essential for growth. If you don’t know the most effective and efficient ways to connect, you’re going to miss out on some incredible opportunities.

Holding onto your existing customers drives your bottom line. Yes, gaining new clients is important, but keeping your existing ones satisfied means they’ll continue to come back to you time and time again. That requires proper communication methods and means.

When you have the optimal telecommunication system setup, you can more easily cross sell customers other related products and services.

Develop new distribution channels. Selling in a brick and mortar store is the traditional channel, but setting up a website where your customers can make purchases is absolutely critical in today’s business climate. There are many different channels and ways to reach potential customers and many of them rely on the most effective telecommunication technologies.

Maximizing customer support and employee communication means making full use of the Internet and all it has to offer.

SBS staff and Network Affiliates have worked with all major Carriers, RBOC and LEC’s across the globe. Take a brief glimpse of the work we have done through recent years.

BellSouth Business Systems

Managed and expanded the Voice & Data channel network Reseller Program comprised of regional VAR’s, Systems Integrators and Interconnects.

Agent Qualification, Recruitment, Training, Management

·      “5 Point” Joint Agent-RBOC Strategic Business Planning Program

·      Commitment of mutual resources, manpower and time for the resale of Voice and Data networking services.

·      Development and implementation of the first extranet for Agent/Reseller access to training modules, schedules, former employee re-hire network database.


·      Florida’s largest ISP

·      Data/Voice Agency Channel Resale Development and Rollout

·      Seamless transition of Agent base to new owners at ACSI


·      Development and rollout of nationwide Data Reseller Channel Progam

·      Channel Marketing: Alliance Data Lead Generation Sales Program

E.spire Communications

·      Marketing: Rebranding ACSI into E.spire Communications

·      Logo Development, Branding Strategy, PR & Communications Strategic Planning

Exenet Technologies

“Application Provider IT EcoSystem” Design, Development, Construction/Buildout of the FIRST US HIPAA COMPLIANT DATA CENTER solely designed for ASP/SaaS software developers. A cross-functional environment of SaaS based software developers who could co-market amongst each member’s customer base.


When you’re ready to take full advantage of telecommunication and communicate in the most potent, powerful, and cost effective way with your management, employees, partners, customers, prospects, and anyone else that’s important to your end goals, call on SBS to drive your telecommunication systems.