Every business, no matter what products or services they offer, absolutely must make sales in order to survive. It is the foundational principle of capitalism and it’s what separates out the strong from the weak. Sales are about relationships … bringing value to those with unfulfilled needs; it’s about consistently exceeding expectations.

Companies that falter with their sales will soon find it difficult to keep up, invest in new products, services, and marketing strategies, and the mountain will only grow larger with each passing hour.

For many organizations, their strength lies in developing products and services that people will actually want. Figuring out the most cost effective way to market it and generate sales often requires a more specific set of skills, or expertise.

That’s where SBS Consulting comes in.

Your Salesforce Matters

Have you ever heard that some people could sell just about anything to anyone? Some people might actually be able to sell ice to Eskimos. The rare individual is gifted in being personable, focused, and able to determine exactly what buttons to push in order to elicit the desired response (which, in this example, would be selling an item).

Where you sell your products, what price you set and whom you choose to resell to will have a direct impact on your overall sales numbers. For example, you wouldn’t advertise senior mobility devices in Rolling Stone, would you? You wouldn’t try and sell teenage apparel through AARP.

And while these two simple examples may appear to be exaggerations, when you’re talking about thousands of potential avenues and millions of sales personnel to choose from throughout the world, it is far too easy for companies to get caught up in the idea that just because it’s new, improved, or that research has deemed the item to be in high demand that it’s just going to sell naturally on its own.

It won’t.

Unless you’re Apple releasing a new iPhone or Nike releasing its new Air Jordans, you need to focus on precision.

CPCStrategy states that 46% of all sales calls are missed opportunities. This may be cold calls, but they are generally targeted, meaning the prospect already expressed some interest in the product or service from the company.

Are you willing to miss out on 46% of your potential sales? Are you willing to walk away from almost half of all sales your company could be adding to its bottom line?

No. And SBS will help you maximize the sales your business generates.


We are highly experienced and specialize in finding the optimal salesforce for your new product/service. We use a wealth of information to accurately determine the best markets, strategies, and language to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI).

At SBS, we offer:

·      Industry and Market Analysis –know exactly who would want your products/services and how to reach them.

·      New Product/Service Market Introduction –if people don’t know about it, they won’t buy.

·      The Psychology of Effectively Selling Services –push the right buttons, use the ideal language and people will follow.

·      Inventory Management

o   JIT Shipping Logistics

·      Strategic Price Planning –price your products too high or low and you’ll miss out on a wide market.

·      Sales Staffing –finding the right people to sell your products or services will have a direct impact on your bottom line sales numbers.

·      Sales Compensation Planning –attract the best salesforce with the optimal compensation plan.

·      Sales staff mentoring, management, hiring, termination.

·      Distribution Channel Planning and Development.

o   Direct

o   Indirect

o   Strategic Partner/Joint Venture

·      Sales Training.

·      Online Sales Planning.

o   E-commerce

·      Lead Generation Sourcing and Planning.

·      Long and Short-Term Selling Strategies and Methodologies.

·      Selling Methodologies

o   Miller-Heiman

·      Selling in all distribution scenarios

o   B2C (business to consumer)

o   B2B (business to business)

o   B2G (business to government)