Take a look at the Cloud. No, not the one out your window, but those that have become critical to personal and business success today. The ‘Cloud,’ as it’s referred to, is an innovative concept of securely sharing files, data, and information over the Internet. More software developers, companies, and independent contractors are turning to the concept of privately hosting the applications they develop and allowing companies to access them as needed.

This saves companies significant dollars on development investments. When subscribing with a reputable “SaaS Application Provider,” there’s no need to hire your own IT department, programmers, or software developers, invest years in writing new programs, implementing them across the entire company, and then realizing that it’s now outdated. Many companies such as Oracle and Salesforce.com have built a global customer base using this secure professional services venue.

With SaaS (Software as a Service), you can get any application you want or need to help streamline your business operations, communicate more effectively with your customers, and capitalize on the latest technological innovations.

VPN or ‘In the Cloud’

With SBS Consulting’s strong network of certified affiliates (SBS Network Affiliates), you’ll have access to a global network of the best onsite and virtual programming and design expertise. The experts we rely on must pass a rigorous SBS certification process so you’ll know they are the best of the breed.

This allows you access to a wide range of Programmers and Developers who can put together a new application for just about every single need your company may have. And what’s even better is that you can host it on your own VPN (virtual private network) – a private corporate network that your company controls internally- or in the Cloud (Internet Cloud). There are advantages to either solution, but the flexibility of SBS’s development design provides numerous benefits.

Being able to have access to various applications in the Cloud allows companies to streamline their innovations and processes. Use what works, experiment with new developments, or have something completely new and unique designed for your business operations. With SaaS, it’s all possible.

How SBS Consulting Makes SaaS Work

The most important aspect to this new, innovative system is having a strong, solid team of Programmers and Developers from which to choose. SBS has been building applications and networks with the best around the world and we continually screen each and every one to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and foundation to quickly assess your needs and develop a cost effective solution.

Security is Essential

The work done through this SaaS system is performed in a secure environment; there’s no reason to fear malicious attacks by hackers bent on stealing valuable information. Malware, encryption programs and Firewalls protect your most valuable data and programming code..

Using the latest Agile/Scrum programming methodology, we can quickly and cost-effectively develop your Mobile, SOHO, SMB, or Enterprise application. Rely on our team of certified “SBS Network Affiliates™” to help innovate and develop the optimal applications that will put you over the top.

2015: A SaaS Market Snapshot

·      The SaaS market is growing 3x faster than software

·      Market growth for the next three years is forecasted at 20% annually (through 2020)

·      Global Market Sales Forecasted By Region:

o   North America- $10B

o   EMEA- $4B

·      Asia- $1B

·      SalesForce continues to be the market leader/benchmark of success

·      SMB market is crowded with competitors & few unique differentiators

·      Primary industry challenge: Competitive Distribution Strategy & Cross-Selling

·      Majority of industry sales are via Direct Selling

·      Top industry players include:

o   SalesForce

o   Intuit

o   LinkedIn

o   Oracle

o   Adobe

o   Microsoft

o   Google

o   Netsuite

o   SAP