How well do you communicate with your stakeholders? Do your employees understand the Mission Statement, Vision, and direction of your organization? How often do you communicate with your employees and vendors? What type of Corprate Citizenship activities do you sponsor each year? All good questions for your PR and Communications Manager today. The ability to communicate on a continual basis, both internally and externally is a must in today’s globally connected marketplace.

At SBS we believe a well planned Pubic Relations and Communications strategy will keep your organization on the fast track to success.  In business, without exceptional communication –at all levels- motivation and productivity can decline, sales opportunities are missed, and your competition will have an opening through which they can misinform and/or steal away your customers, partners, and even your best employees.

Whether you’re talking about internal or external communication, SBS Consulting has the experience and platform to streamline your avenues and methods and help you compose the right message in the optimal tone in order to make the biggest impact on the intended audience.

Executives? Department managers? Entry level team members? Shareholders? Partners? Existing customers? Prospects?

If you can name it, they deserve the most effective and efficient mode of communication to them. When it comes to messages you want to send out, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Each one needs to be crafted in the appropriate manner with the end audience user in mind. PRs (press releases) and other forms of communication are essential for business success and survival … don’t undersell this vital component of your continued long-term success.

Build the Right Message and Communicate it Using the Optimal Platform

Online PR marketing and publication websites are booming. In fact, 80 million people get their news online every single day. 100 million use search engines at least once per day. And more importantly, 64% of journalists use the major search engines like Google and Yahoo to find news stories, based on info by They are actively looking for the latest releases, information, and updates from companies like yours!

The 3c™ Approach Works!

At SBS, we developed the 3c™ system, which equals Clear, Clean, and Concise messaging to all of your primary internal and external stakeholders.

There’s a science to creating optimal content for any particular message. Words, graphics, images, videos, and much more can all be used to mold the shape of the message in order to make the most significant impact on the target reader.

At SBS, we offer:

·      Press Releases –written with concise language, targeting the Who, What, When, Where, and Why that is critical for any message.

·      Develop an Internal and External Communications Strategy – it’s just as important to communicate to your team members as it is to reach out to the general public.

·      Corporate Communications Planning.

·      Internet based Social Network Communications auditing, Image & Brand Tracking

·      Blogging and Company Newsletters/Email Blasts (Internal).

·      Press Releases & Press Conferences, Media Meetings (External).

·      Media Planning and Management.

o   TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet

·      Website Copywriting

·      Crisis Management

o   The unforeseen event occurs and suddenly you’re all over the News and Internet. Are you prepared with the right partner or strategy to quickly address, minimize and quell these types of critical events? During a crisis, relying on a partner who can quickly and readily assess the environment and develop a strategic plan that will address and diffuse the situation quickly and effectively is tantamount to wading through the mire and minimizing damage or risk.

o   Previous Crisis Management expertise includes SUPRA Telecom’s “Let Freedom Ring” Crisis PR Management Campaign.

Take charge of your company’s pivotal and crucial messaging with SBS on your team.