SBS Founder Salerno Meets with Gingrich Group

CEO Salerno and Gingrich discuss the latest hi-tech outsourcing trends in an exclusive one on one meeting in South Florida this week

PEMBROKE PINES, Fl., -- November 28, 2001 – SBS Founder and President Marc A. Salerno today met with Newt Gingrich of the Gingrich Group to discuss the latest industry trends as well as potential mutual business opportunities. Gingrich, who attended the Internet Coast ( sponsored ITEC Conference (http:// in Ft. Lauderdale today, spoke to a crowd of over 600 highlighting the latest technology trends and market challenges faced by most IT industry participants.


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Salerno personally met with Gingrich in a private afternoon meeting to discuss mutual business model opportunities, technology trends, as well as the growth of outsourcing in the IT/ HI-Tech fields. "Newt has both an intuitive and fundamental understanding of the challenges faced by most technology-based business models today. "We thoroughly enjoyed our discussions today and look forward to hopefully working together in the future", stated Salerno.

About the Gingrich Group

The Gingrich Group ( is an Atlanta-based management-consulting firm, with offices in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. The founder of the company, Newt Gingrich, is the former speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Established in January 1999, The Gingrich Group provides strategic consulting on issues related to technology and e-business, marketing and communications, global positioning, health and science, privatization, and knowledge management. We help our clients prosper in the New Economy, by focusing on customer-centric strategies, change management, effective branding, cost-effective solutions and breakthroughs, the role of government and public policy, and formation of strategic alliances.