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48% of industry experts agree on one major point when it comes to Network Infrastructure: what the average security companies have in place today is simply not enough. Security breaches from disgruntled employees or global hackers are getting more difficult to stop and it’s placing even the largest companies in the world at risk, and that places their clients’ and customers’ information at risk as well.

In just the past year there have been more than a dozen major security breaches against FORTUNE 100 international companies. The United States government has also fallen victim to these security threats and it is a continual battle.

Just because you were secure last year doesn’t mean you’re still protected. On top of security, you need to focus on integrating the latest technologies into your network infrastructure to keep pace with what your target market is using.

From designing, managing, building out, monitoring, and securing network infrastructure to ensuring that you have enough bandwidth to handle all of the traffic to your website, from sourcing qualified Data Centers to securing the latest state-of-the-art disaster recovery platforms, SBS is specifically setup to handle your specific architecture needs, demands, and security concerns.

Network Infrastructure

Security breaches are getting more costly, time consuming and challenging to stop. That doesn’t mean you have to remain vulnerable … it means you need to stay ahead of the curve. SBS can design, project manage, buildout, monitor, manage, and secure your network infrastructure and we will use the latest VMware and Virtualization platforms to maximize your network efficiency.

As Cloud technologies continue to expand, mobile apps and management demands increase … you’re going to need an experienced team working to ensure that your network can handle the growing demands placed on it and still be protected from internal and more importantly external threats.

SBS will help you maximize your network efficiency.


The Internet continues to expand and now accounts for more than 26 billion devices ( On top of that, more and more industries are turning to ICS (Industrial Control Systems) to run operations, communicate, and more.

SBS will ensure that your bandwidth providers are delivering the fastest and most secure Internet connectivity possible. If they offer “5 Nine’s” in their SLA, we’ll be watching out for you.

We will also help to ensure that your clients, team members, partners, and systems are secure through all of your Internet activity.

Data Center

SBS has the ability to source qualified Data Centers and joint venture with qualified vendors in your area to get your network built, updated, and moved as needed.

We also offer the latest state-of-the-art disaster recovery platform for your network. You’ll receive real-time updates on your network via Carrier Bandwidth Traffic Analysis Monitoring, Load Balancing, and Real Time Trouble Ticketing and Reporting.

How Old is Your Network?

If you haven’t taken a good, long, hard look at your current Network Infrastructure, if it’s outdated or just ‘hanging on by a thread,’ then it’s well past time to get serious about investing in new technologies to secure and protect your business operations, information, client data, and much more.

How much revenue could you lose if your network shuts down or is hacked for a week? How about a day? An hour? Minutes?

Larger companies measure these losses in millions and they can be catastrophic. Ensure that your network infrastructure is up to date, that all data is secure, and you’re getting to most out of the Internet connectivity you’re using and offering. Hire SBS.

We’ve been in the computer, network, and infrastructure business since the days of ‘daisy chaining 486s.’……. Yeah, we’ve got the experience.