What is Marketing? Many believe it is the critical support function of selling, assisting Sales in selling more quickly, more cost effectively, and profitably. Marketing helps organizations reduce their new customer acquisition costs, and reduces their existing customer management overhead.

Marketing helps you develop clear, consistent messaging to all of your stakeholders. Finally, Marketing helps you leverage your strengths … the “UVA”-unique value add that you bring to the marketplace.


·      Less than 50% of all companies have any type of well-researched marketing strategy.

·      Emails that contain social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%!

·      33% of organic search engine traffic click on the first item listed.

These stats are from Webdam.com and they highlight an important trend … more and more marketing is taking place through digital media. In fact, Internet advertising alone will make up 25% of all ad marketing budgets in 2015. $135 billion was spent on digital marketing in 2014.


So where does your business line up in all of this? Do you have a plan for custom content? Are you maximizing your ability to reach your target market? Are you outpacing the competition in grabbing the most new clients?

If not, then you deserve to have one of the most experienced teams working with you. That is SBS Consulting.

Headed by Marc Salerno, SBS Consulting brings decades of direct marketing expertise to each and every client. This is an organization that was built on the foundation of people who worked for Fortune 500 companies such as SONY and BELLSOUTH and who helped to build startups from the ground floor like RGB, MGV, and iS3.com.

We offer expertise in multiple areas including:

·      Developing Marketing Best Practices

·      Metrics base KPI to track the performance/ROI of every marketing dollar

o   Marketing Budget & Business Planning, Forecast Modeling

·      Web Strategy/Design/E-Commerce Planning

·      Social Network Marketing & Messaging

o   Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Reddit, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest

·      Advertising: Radio, TV, Print, Online (webinars)

o   Online (Google AdWords)

·      Special Event Marketing

o   Corporate Sponsor events

·      PR/Corporate Communications

o   Press Releases, Crisis Management

o   Blogging/RSS Feeds

o   Marketing Collateral

·      Vertical Market Trade Show Production & Planning

o   Booth design, event management

·      Branding- new brand rollouts or existing Brand Management

·      Competitive/Industry Research & Analysis

o   Gartner, Forrester, Yankee Group, IDC

Success Is in the Marketing

No matter what kind of product you have, no matter how incredible, innovative, or planet changing it might be, unless you know your target market and how to best reach it, sales will be less than they should be.

Apple was revolutionary for its time, but even as incredible as the Apple I and II were, as earth shattering as the iPod and then iPhone and iPad have been, it was their marketing they drove the success. People didn’t just start lining up for the iPod because they heard somewhere that it was a cool music player.

It’s because Apple was a marketing mastermind. They knew exactly who to target and how to do it.

That’s what SBS can do for your business.

SBS History

Founded in 1996, SBS is a global hi-tech marketing and management consulting firm that understands the dynamics of powerful strategies and can mold and shape a plan that works for any product in any region.

From creative print and TV ads, radio campaigns, search engine marketing and optimization (SEO/SEM), social media, and much more, your marketing strategy today must include all of the above in order to make the most potent and powerful impact.

Budgetary Concerns

What about when your business’s budget is stretched to its limits?

There are ways to squeeze every penny of marketing from each dollar you invest. In 1996, Marc Salerno designed and implemented the ALLIANCE National Data Referral Marketing Program for ACSI, which resulted in a 237% increase in qualified channel sales leads for the entire year.

Almost two-and-a-half times more leads.

No matter how tight things may seem financially right now for your company, the golden ticket is just out there, right around the corner waiting for you to seize it.

Let SBS’s global expertise and vast experience guide you to it. Each minute you hesitate, your competitors are inching closer to the brass ring. Grab it before they steal it from you.

Marketing is the key to your future business success … make sure you have the optimal plan and hit to primary targets each and every time.