Information … one of your organization’s most important assets needs devoted, expert design, as well as secure management. The term ‘IT’ can be used to classify anything that is related to secure receipt and transfer of critical data for your organization. With proper planning, design, and staffing, being invested in a secure IT infrastructure is critical for success at any level of the business world.

IT for the average company can refer to the computer systems set up to drive employee interactions, consumer interfaces, telephony integration, and even the way the scanner at a register determines cost, quantity, and other factors.

Even the simplest 10 person business that operates in a small market must rely on IT in order to remain competitive … it’s how business communicates and interacts in a modern global economy. It might be able to survive for a time on word of mouth marketing or running ads in a local newspaper or other publication, but eventually someone else –another business- is going to see the vast opportunities and take advantage of them.

And that other business is going to run right past the outdated one that hides from IT.

What is IT?

Today, information is the most important thing every business owner should be focused on. It is the most valuable asset your company has next to a great team of employees. The planning and design of a flexible “IT Ecosystem” which will seamlessly scale to your long-term needs will be an important part of your success-focused business plan.

Without information, you can’t really determine who your target market is, what changes they are going through, or how they are finding products and services now that is different than last year.

Success in the modern technological age is driven by data and communication. Keeping your employees working seamlessly with one another, even if some are on the road or at another facility is vital. Allowing your consumers or prospects to connect with representatives from your company to have questions answered in a timely manner can be the difference between converting them into customers.

Efficiency, security, and viability are also crucial aspects to the optimal IT system for your company.

SBS designs computer networks and infrastructure, sources the hardware, software, and Carrier relationships (Telecommunications Services Provider such as AT&T, Telefonica, Sprint, etc.), network hardware and housing (Data Centers), and more for your IT needs.

We also provide the most state-of-the-art, advanced security designs to keep your information (as well as your clients’) protected.

SBS Network Affiliates™ have partnered with the largest global hardware, software, and professional service providers. Some of these include:


·      IBM

·      Cisco

·      Oracle

·      HP

·      Dell

·      Apple


·      AT&T

·      Verizon

·      Telefonica

·      Sprint


·      Tech Data

·      Ingram Micro


·      Gartner

·      Forrester

·      Deloitte


Get Ahead of the Trends

SBS focuses on staying ahead of the next trend. There are far too many innovations and releases every single month and most end up being lost to the dustbins of history, but below are some of the trends that we have identified as being crucial to long-term business success for any sized company.

·      Mobile device/apps development expansion (Smartphone, Tablet, Wearables)

·      Hybrid Cloud/CSB Cloud Service Broker expansion

·      Cloud client architecture drives server side computing capacity growth

·      Growth of the “Personal Cloud” vs. managed services

·      SDx- Software defining anything market momentum

·      Web Scale IT- Enterprise Global Computing and Scaling

·      New Markets: Smart Machines & Wearables

·      3D Printing will enter the SMB and SOHO markets

·      Big Data gets fast

·      Mobile Device Diversity & Management

·      IT becomes the Service Broker

Let SBS keep you on the cutting edge of Information Technology, giving your company the advantage you deserve to stay one step ahead of your competitors.