Like it or not, the Internet has become one of the most critical business tools at your disposal.. To stand on the sidelines and not get invested in a powerful, potent, and professional website and social marketing presence, especially one that is monitored and up to date with current data will give your competition the upper hand every time.

To put things into a clear perspective, since 2007, real consumption (meaning the sale of all goods and services from healthcare to insurance to housing to cars and food) is only up 0.9 percent. That is anemic growth for what had, until recently, been the number 1 economy in the world (until this past year).

Now, figure this into the equation: sales of data-related goods and services has risen by 48 percent in that same time period. That’s according to ProgressivePolicy.

Taking things one step further, estimates that Internet retail sales will account for 62% of all sales by 2016. That’s next year! More than one-half of all sales your company makes will be generated through your website.

How current and potent is your website right now? What is your SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, LiveCustomer Care, and Social Network Marketing Strategy? Does it take advantage of the best psychology and research to help captivate and reach each and every visitor who finds it? You’re likely spending a considerable amount of money on marketing to find prospective clients and customers, but if they visit your website and see an old, outdated, cluttered site or it is overrun with ads, videos, and simply won’t load quickly, guess what?

They will click away.

7 seconds … the only time you have to convince the prospect that you are the right company to fulfill their needs.

Your Company’s Website Needs to Account for Consumers and Your Employees

While it’s easy to put most of our Internet efforts into consumers, more and more businesses rely on portals to improve productivity and communication among their employees.

If 62% of your sales may be generated through your website, that means consumers will have questions, comments, and concerns that need to be addressed in this digital format. Making it easy to reach out and contact your team and get the right answers is how you’ll close the deal and keep those consumers from leaving and going elsewhere.

Using the Latest Innovations in Web Design and Content Creation

Every year new opportunities and possibilities come along to innovate web design. SBS Consulting relies on the best of everything, including up to date malware and security protocols, programming languages and interfaces that allow your website to load and look optimal on any platform, whether your customers or employees are accessing it from their Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or even a new Wearable device.

SBS relies on a global and local network of designers who can determine your company’s needs and convert them into exciting and powerful web pages that captivate.

We also believe in the power of body wearable wireless connected devices and our websites incorporate this as well.

Combine all of this with the SBS 3c™ Approach and you get a “Clear, Clean, Concise” design and content that maximizes your ROI.

At SBS, we offer:

·      Website Design, Hosting, Management

·      Web & Social Media Analytics (SEO, PPC)

·      Mobile Optimized Accessibility and Userability (Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable)

·      Strategic Revenue Web Planning (Mobile Advertising)

·      Effective Social Network Marketing Strategic Planning (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, Klout, Google+, Vine, SlideShare, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram, VK, Reddit)

Your company’s website is crucial to long-term viability and success. Take your share of the growing e-commerce market with the optimal site.