How you decide to sell your new widget is one of the most critical business decisions you’ll ever make. Research and development is a major investment for a lot of companies, especially those that produce their own products. Even if it’s a service, there is usually a significant amount of time and energy that’s been devoted to bringing it to fruition.

That’s only part of the battle, though. Once the product is ready, you need to get it out to your target market in a seamless, cost effective fashion.

This is what’s known as distribution.. Choosing the wrong distribution model could put you two steps behind the competition. Choosing the wrong partner or market and you won’t generate the sales you need to keep the doors open. You could end up investing a fortune on the wrong channel and watch your money swirl down the drain.

Choosing the right channel, knowing the market and how to best reach it is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. The second piece is doing it in the most cost effective manner. Spend too much on distribution and you’ll have to raise the price of the product or service. That could hurt sales in the long run, especially if your competitors have found a way to do it for much less.

It’s Not Always about Saving Money

Choosing a distribution channel is not just about saving the most money. You could choose a distribution outlet that charges less than any other, but if your products are stacked under a mountain of other products, your target market might never really see them.

Forget advertising and marketing for a moment. If you saw an ad for a major new product from a well-known company and you headed down to a local store where you knew you’d find it, but couldn’t spot it on any shelf and none of the staff knew where to find it, then what good was that ad?

Distribution is about placing your products to your potential customers in the most cost effective fashion possible. It’s about maximizing the potential for sales.

That’s where SBS Consulting comes in. We have extensive experience identifying and working with some of the best distributors and distribution models in the world. When you choose SBS, you will get:

·      A Strategic Partner/Joint Venture Sourcing;

·      A firm experienced in Contract Development and Negotiations.

SBS has worked with all type of distribution models, including:

·      Direct

·      Indirect

·      Reseller

o   B2B VAR’s (Value Added Resellers)

o   B2C Retailers

o   B2G GSA Partners

  • Selling your products and services to Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies.

·      E-commerce Online Distribution

·      NEW! Social Network Distribution Planning

·      Channel Management

Choose the Company that Knows How to Maximize Potential through the Best Distribution Channels

Once you have a new product/service or even if you’re looking to revamp one that hasn’t quite hit the mark, even though you know there’s a strong market out there, let SBS develop a distribution plan that capitalizes on the unique differentiators of your product/service/organization, and negotiate a deal that boosts your bottom line sales numbers, driving you past the competition.

With a wealth of experience, SBS delivers.