To state that the consumer electronics market is competitive would be a drastic understatement. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, there are over 100,000 consumer software and information technology (IT) services companies in the United States. The vast majority of them (over 99 percent) have fewer than 500 employees. It’s reasonable to state that while not all of them offer consumer electronics, many do.

Which means that in order to be heard among all of that noise, in order to get attention for your products, software, and even services, you need to use the right language, platform, and make enough noise of your own.

It’s also imperative to know exactly which type of sales channels to develop and implement for your target market. For example, one company may find much better success with Direct Sales while another could benefit from Indirect. Still a third might find an online or “hybrid” combination of the three most effective.

At SBS Consulting, we will develop the optimal plan for your hi-tech company to sell your products and services through the best channels, be it:

·      Direct Sales,

·      Indirect Sales,

·      Distributor Sales,

·      Reseller Sales,

·      Retail Sales,

·      Online Sales.

Setting the right Target Market, Customer Segment, and Pricing Strategy are the fundamental keys to success for almost any product or service. How many customers are in your target market? … How many do you want to acquire? … What part of the sandbox do you want to be the leader of?

Charge too much for your services and you miss out on a wide breadth of potential clients and customers who will simply not bother to even consider it. Price them too low and the best clients may not take you seriously enough.

There are always going to be customers who want to save as much money as possible, but that shouldn’t be your primary motivation. Customers who want to pay as little as possible for any product aren’t interested in quality; they are interested in saving money.

Your Pricing Strategy must be optimal for your particular product and the specific market. You will also need to focus on Product Mix as well as your KPI’s, Marketing Plan and Budget.

SBS Brings More than 30 Years of Direct Experience to Each Project

Below are just a few of the many highlights of SBS Consulting’s success through the years. We are proud of this list and want to add your company’s and product’s success to it in the near future.

  •  1980’s: Through Sony’s 8mm “BeCre8tive” Retail Training, Sales and Marketing Program, we helped established 8mm video in the U.S. consumer market as the primary choice two years ahead of schedule.
  •  1990’s: SBS helped establish consumer hardware with consumer computers for video editing and post-production work. Remember RGB Video & Computer’s AmiLink? (The father of all desktop publishing today).
  •  2000’s: SBS staff was responsible in assisting in the expansion of the U.S. computer memory chip market via national retail expansion programs, such as MGV Memory’s “InventoryLess Special Order National Retail Campaign” at OfficeDepot.
  •  2000’s: Established a national retail sales model for consumer telephony with ANEW Broadband’s “DataTalk” VoIP and “SkyCanopy” WiFi consumer home phone and Internet services.
  •  2000’s: Expanded retail distribution channels for Genius KYE’s consumer computer accessories via national US retailers, distributors, and direct online sales.
  • Ø  2010’s: With’s “Stopzilla AVM 2013,” SBS staff expanded retail software security for Smartphones and tablets.

Discover the incredible opportunities that exist for your company when you rely on SBS Consulting to help market, price, and sell your products in a crowded marketplace. Stand out, be heard, reduce costs and boost sales with SBS.