Staying current with the latest computer technology and innovations is critical to long-term business success. Computers, servers, tablets, and now even smartphones are essential to modern business operations, whether your company’s primary platform is on the Internet or a brick and mortar business. Even the smallest “mom and pop” needs compelling social networking activity as well an informative and easy to navigate web presence in order to remain competitive.

SBS Consulting offers all major computer software and hardware brands and professional services that are ideal for any business. Every organization is unique with different requirements and that means their technology provider should be able to quicky and cost effectively accommodate those needs. There’s no need to try and mold your company to meet limited resources; technology should always be molded to meet your needs. That’s the focus at SBS Consulting, which is why we sell every major computer software, network, infrastructure and hardware products.

The Best Prices

Because of a strong relationship we’ve built with various resellers and manufacturers through the years, SBS Consulting can offer the best prices on almost every single piece of hardware as well as software your company will need.

Keeping costs down allows our clients to maximize their opportunities, stay on top of the latest innovations, and subsequently stay far ahead of the competition.

Why So Many Businesses Retain their Legacy Systems

According to a recent Computer Weekly column, even though legacy systems (older, outdated systems) were causing many insurance companies to struggle acquiring new business, only 42% claimed they wanted to adopt new systems.

The main reason so many companies around the world cling to their old, outdated systems, according to, has to do with inertia. In a recent interview, Alex Benik, a principal at Battery Ventures believes that far too many enterprises get comfortable with their old systems and actually don’t see technology as offering them any real competitive advantage.

The larger the company, the longer it takes to turn the supertanker and that inertia keeps driving it in the same direction, even if it means falling further and further behind the competition.

Get Out Ahead and Stay There

Moore’s Law is even more relevant today … technological innovations change at the speed of light. It may be cliché, but it holds true. With so many advances, new programs, systems, and processes being developed and marketed every year, it might seem overwhelming to figure out which ones are worth the investment … which ones will push you over the top.

That’s where SBS comes in.

With our vast experience, knowledge, and strategic partnerships we can either update your older computer systems, infrastructure and networks, providing new systems to maximize your economies of scale, and even offer legacy migration services to keep you up to date.

We work directly with some of the top providers including:

·      TechData

·      Ingram Micro

·      HP

·      Oracle

·      Cisco

·      EMC

·      And many other specialty providers in the market today.

No matter where your company is headquartered, we can provide the best SBS-Certified “Network Affilate” to service any of your local, national, or global computer needs.

We will also integrate a variety of technologies within and for your business, including wireless, network, hardware, software, and data center housing and management.

SBS also provides the best state-of-the-art security solutions to protect your most valuable asset … your data. Contact SBS Consulting to learn more about how upgrading and updating your hardware and software systems can benefit your company and keep you two steps ahead of the competition at half the price!