Your company is growing. As it does, you’re going to need to access, analyze, and securely store all of this valuable data.. Finding customers, keying in on what they want, need, and even search for will all be crucial to focusing your marketing campaigns, targeting demographics, and even for product development.

Thanks to the advancement of Cloud Computing, there’s  more data being generated every single second than had been produced in a day 100 years ago. Managing and analyzing all of that data can overwhelm even the most formidable IT ecosystems on the market. There’s a wealth of valuable data in your network today waiting to be found. Being able to accurately mine and analyze large data volumes is one of the biggest challenges today. “There’s gold in them thar hills of data”… you just have to be able find it with the right tools, systems, applications, and partners.

That’s why some of the biggest companies in the world rely on tens, hundreds, and even thousands of servers located all over the globe to process that endless flow of big data.

Big data is often defined as being an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets that is significant or so large and complex that traditional processing applications and even computer systems simply can’t handle it all.

The Challenges of Big Data

The most significant challenges for many companies when it comes to big data has to do with capturing, analyzing, curating, searching, sharing, transferring, and even storing it. The goal of big data is to spot business trends, notice potential problems before they arrive at your door, and even anticipating the ‘next big thing’ on the market.

SBS Consulting will help source and manage your big data and cloud storage needs, boost your network infrastructure, and streamline the stability and effectiveness of your Internet presence.

Bring Your IT System Up and Running On-Time and On-Budget

Ask any IT professional working for you and they might provide unsteady estimates on ‘how long’ or ‘how much’ for any new system upgrades, improvements, or innovations. Complications, refinements, and more can all obfuscate the situation, but they don’t have to.

Knowing exactly what your company wants and needs with its systems is essential and that requires experience, knowledge, and vision. That’s exactly what SBS offers ... a flexible and scalable IT ecosystem.

We help companies plan their network design for the future. What good is trying to keep up if you’re constantly falling behind? Technological innovations are flourishing at a breakneck pace these days and it’s essential to focus on staying ahead of the curve.

When you stay ahead of the curve, when you know the trends that will be popular before it happens, when you have your finger on the pulse of your market, you will also stay ahead of the competition.

Taking advantage of big data can do that and SBS can help.

Right now, 84% of all U.S. organizations are using public clouds for data storage and analytics. 94% are experimenting with “infrastructure as a service.” Hybrid-cloud is the strategy of choice for 74% of these organizations, which means they use both private and public servers for their data storage and analytics.

Where does the future of big data and cloud storage lie? In the birth of Virtualized Infrastructure, the expansion of Analytic Applications, the standardization of HADOOP Distribution, marrying external data with pentabytes of existing internal data, which offers incredible cost savings, and the emergence of the Industrial Internet.

Get ahead of Big Data with SBS. We offer:

·      Local, Regional, Global Server Farm/Hardware/Software/Data Center client sourcing

·      IT Infrastructure Design, Buildout, Implementation

·      Network Monitoring, Management, Disaster Recovery Planning

·      Data Backup/Redundancy Planning

·      Internet Traffic Analysis

·      Network Carrier SLA/MSA Draft, Review

·      Network Security Planning with a “Glocal” focus