Adnan Zejnilovic Executive Bio

Adnan Zejnilovic
Scientist, PHD, IT Management Consultant

Areas of Specialization

Hands on technology visionary with particular experience in:

Managing multi-office operations, turnaround IT management, and strategic technology guidance to senior executives.
Analyzing business objectives and determining the best technology solutions.
Team building, recruiting, training, motivating and challenging.
Project management, planning and analysis.
Preparing legal documentation and testifying on behalf of the company.
Defining budgets.
Forming business partnerships with vendors and consultants.
Over 10 years of professional experience as a software engineer, software architect, database designer and developer with expertise in C++, Palm OS programming, transaction processing, system architectures, object-oriented design and development. Project details furnished upon request.
Professional Experience

Supra Telecommunications and Information Systems
Chief Information Officer
Responsible for all aspects of strategic IT planning, implementation and support for company’s domestic and international call centers. Provide leadership and technical expertise in developing, designing and implementing a centralized data center that serves all call centers as the company has grown from several hundred customers to over 320,000 in 24 months.

Selected Accomplishments

Expanded the IT Department from 4 employees in one location to over 30 employees geographically dispersed in multiple locations (Florida, Illinois, and Costa Rica).
Transformed the IT Department into the most efficient department in the company by establishing Software Quality Assurance, Software Development, Networking, and Help Desk departments. Introduced regression testing, defect tracking, feature wish list, project planning, requirements gathering, functional documents etc. As a result, the average time to resolve issues has improved by 90%. Also, the Help Desk issues are being resolved the same day in 60% of the cases.
Designed, managed, and delivered multiple large scale projects (software development, data and call centers) on time and within budget. Recommended bonus and salary structure for the team members.
Designed and taught database and programming classes to team members. Motivated and assisted team members in acquiring new technical skills.
Reduced cost associated with mailing, printing and equipment maintenance by approximately 30%. Accomplished this by pushing billing functionality over to the Internet and providing incentives for the customers.
Increased employee productivity by redesigning and enhancing company’s customer relationship management software. As a result, average query-processing time dropped from 10 seconds to a few milliseconds.
Introduced Intranet as an effective way of communication between other departments and IT.
Author of a monthly “Letter from the CIO” web page on company’s intranet.
Aykula Inc.
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Provided design and architecture for telecom billing systems used to bill residential and business customers as well as other exchange carriers (Bell South, AT&T, Sprint, Southwestern Bell etc.). Used Object Oriented Design, namely the State, Singleton and Builder patterns. Implemented the system in VC++, under NT with SQL Server as the database. The system is designed to allow customers to modify their service options and view their bills online. Additional responsibilities include implementation, breaking down the project into tasks, creating a schedule, assigning the tasks to in-house programmers, guidance and overseeing their work and implementation.

Omega Research Inc.
Software Engineer
Designed and developed a real time client-server software for data storage as well as reading/browsing news stories and images that come from a variety of data feeds using Object-Oriented technology, queuing theory, COM, Transaction Processing, C-tree database, Microsoft Access database and Microsoft Visual C++. Implemented several state-machines to classify incoming raw data to database records as well as to manage server transactions in addition to managing connection to the data feed. Transactions and state machines support both synchronous as well as asynchronous requests for historical data and advise for real time data that match filter (query) criteria. Designed a language that the client program uses to communicate user selected filter criteria to the server via a COM object. Using the language developed query objects. This enables client program to be used with a variety of data feeds and databases. Developed a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) front-end (client program) using MFC and MFC extension libraries (Stingray) that allows users to filter the incoming news stories as well as to set a variety of attributes ranging from screen attributes to alerts that send news to alpha-numeric pagers.

Financial Data Planning Corporation
Senior Programmer Analyst
Specified, designed, developed and tested object oriented database and Graphical User Interface (GUI) front-end for pensions and life insurance decision support software using Microsoft Access 2.0 (SQL), Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) technology. Designed and implemented Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). Interfaced the DLLs and objects with the pensions and life insurance software.

IBAX Healthcare Systems Inc.
Senior Software Specialist
Specified, designed, developed, and tested compiler and environment for IARL (Information Automat Rules Language), used for medical logic. Researched and developed the integration of language and application programming interface (X-Motif) using Lexers, Parsers, Attribute Grammars and Compiler Generators lex/yacc under UNIX). Constructed a database driven compiler, including a syntax checker, symbol table management routines, intermediate representation and code generation using PCCTS (Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set) and C language under UNIX. Developed functions to query object oriented distributed database using SQL (CLI - Call Level Interface) and C language under UNIX.


Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
- Ph. D. (Computer Science-Dissertation Pending Completion)
- M. S. (Computer Science) December 1990
Lander College, Greenwood, SC
- B. S. (Computer Science with minor in Mathematics) May 1988


“Fuzzy Expert Systems in the Textile Industry” - FIT Master’s thesis - December 1990.
“The Role of Fuzzy Expert Systems in the Textile Industry” - 1990 Conference and Exhibition of Electronics in Textiles, Clemson, SC - March 28-29, 1990.