So you’ve developed the next new widget you think will revolutionize the industry. But wait, how much is it going to cost? Who is going to build it? Who gets to sell it and at what price? Is there a preexisting market or are you creating an entirely new space? And what happens when your company needs to move “out of the garage” — where do you go? All excellent questions that many young entrepreneurs face?

At SBS, we guide your startup through the building process, taking a “Ma to Mc”™ approach. On a macro level, we first research the industry, analyzing historical trends, assessing key data points and developing metrics that allow us to create a comprehensive business plan and PLC roadmap. On a micro level, we focus on all the details you don’t have time for so that you can focus on building a new exciting and profitable venture.

We recognize that your technical skills have brought you this far, but now it’s time to fine-tune your business model. You’ll need experienced HR, manufacturing, sales, operations, marketing, finance e-commerce and social networking expertise, and that’s where SBS comes in. Utilizing the SBS Continuum™ new business building process, we create an organic, flexible corporate structure that allows you to focus on what you do best — creating the next new revolutionary product or service. Our SBS Affiliates are a valued expert resource for supplying the necessary manpower, services and strategic partners for each of these core business disciplines. These services include:


  • Business/Mission Plan Development


  • HR- Organizational Staffing/Office Site Planning


  • Sales/Pricing/Distribution Planning

  • Marketing/Branding/PR/Communications

  • E-commerce Web Strategy & Development


  • Social Network Marketing Roadmap


  • Financial Planning & Budget Development


  • Funding/Equity Sourcing/Strategic Partnering/Joint Venturing


  • Manufacturing (Offshore, Onshore, Nearshore) Sourcing


Each element is devised of qualified industry partners who are specialists in their field. Outsourcing these critical business functions in the early growth stage allows you, the founder, to stay focused on creating their product on time and on budget.

As your startup expands and becomes a true SMB, SBS builds the longterm roadmap so that each core business discipline migrates from the original external strategic partner to internally staffed experts. The SBS Continuum™ assists you to quickly and cost effectively evolve and grow from a startup to SMB to an enterprise. We’re there at each step, assisting your organization develop and grow.


You’ve made it through the startup phase and have your core business disciplines in place. With unforeseen challenges in both your internal and external corporate environment, it is truly time to sink or swim as a business. SBS in this stage focuses on areas including:

Bridge Funding: You need significant capital to move up to the next level.

  • Strategic Partner/Joint Venture/Merger & Acquisition Scenario Planning:
    • You don’t have to navigate these tricky waters alone. SBS has the unique expertise you need to cost effectively move to the next level.


  • Local/National/Global Strategic Planning
    • In what markets will you see the biggest growth vs. expansion costs?

SBS offers expert professional services, executive coaching and counseling through this difficult growth stage. Utilizing SBS’s HSWOT methodology, we help you self assess continually and reposition your products, services and roadmap in a constantly changing marketplace. HSWOT helps you in effectively engaging, assessing, addressing and implementing in those key business areas where attention is needed.


You are an established business presence, a leader in your industry with thousands of employees and a global footprint with diversified markets. If you’re negotiating a marketshare expansion in an aging marketplace, there are varied factors to consider. What new global markets have the biggest potential for longterm growth? Which divisions are doing well, and — more importantly — what about your poor performers? What unique things are you doing to recruit the best and brightest in your organization? With shareholders expecting equitable and consistent returns on their investments, are all your PPE assets being fully utilized? Does your existing cash flow meet your operational plans or expansion needs? What are you doing to optimize performance at all levels in the organization? Who’s the change agent in each division?

At SBS, we’re experts in digging deep; finding the critical areas needed for change; developing new benchmarks, KPIs and strategic action plans to assist you in keeping your venture optimized. We can offer:


  • PESTLE Analysis, Review, Recommendations


  • Physical and IP Resource/Asset Analysis


  • Business Expansion/Cost Effective Divisional Dissolution Services


  • Matrix & Interdepartmental Human Resource Maximizing


  • HSWOT™ Planning


  • Executive Coaching


  • Enhanced Training


  • Financial Auditing